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Openwork Fingerless Gloves

6 Sep

Due to too many hamburgers and hot dogs on Labor Day, I failed to get this pattern up on the blog yesterday. But all is well and I offer up this pattern for Openwork Fingerless Gloves.

This pattern uses one of my favorite stitches, which is the Crossed Double-Crochet. If you need instructions on how to create this stitch, the Dummies website (famous for all the Dummies how-to books) actually has great instructions. If you try it and you’re still stuck, leave a comment and we’ll help you out however we can!

You can make these gloves using just about any yarn you want, but I used a worsted weight yarn. Keep in mind that I made these to fit my own hands, so it may not fit you like you want. However, the crossed double-crochet stitch does make it a little bit stretchy.

Send us pictures of any gloves you make with this pattern! We would love to see them.

Please excuse the cruddy photo.

Openwork Fingerless Gloves

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in “Blue Mint”


Hook: Size H

Ch. 28 and join with slip stitch.

Rnd 1: Ch 3, *skip 1 ch, dc in next ch, dc in previously skipped ch*, repeat from * to * to end of row. Join to 3rd ch in previous ch 3.

Rnd 2: Repeat Rnd 1

Rnd 3: Repeat Rnd 1

Rnd 4: Ch 3, *skip 1 ch, dc in next ch, dc in previously skipped ch*, repeat from * to * 6 more times, ch 6, skip 6 dc, then resume ** until end of row.

Rnd 5 to end: Repeat Rnd 1 until desired length.

Edging at end: Using a size I hook, sc around the bottom edge twice, joining at the end of both rows. Finish off.

Scallop edging near fingers: Using size H hook, join yarn anywhere on beginning chain (I joined at the knot where I first started) and sc across once and join. Skip next 2 sc, dc 4 times in next sc, *skip 1 sc, dc 4 times in next sc*. Repeat from * to * until you reach the first scallop. Join and finish off.


– Amy –