The Knitting Shop UK

15 Oct

Did you  miss me?  I’ve been across the pond experiencing new cultures, getting lost on the underground and of course, knitting and crocheting the entire way.  There’s nothing like crocheting some fingerless gloves and a travel bag for one’s pet cthulhu on the Eurostar train between London and Paris.  More on the traveling cthulhu later…

While in London, I had the great privilege of meeting Susie and Mercedes Aspland, the mother and daughter team behind The Knitting Shop.  They welcomed me and my traveling companion into their home and there we toured Europe in a knitter’s fashion by viewing yarns from all over the continent.  Their stock was a wonderland of luxurious colors and fibers which made my fingers itch to get stitching.

While I highly recommend stopping by for the Aspland’s warm hospitality, luckily if you’re aren’t in London, you’ll be glad to know The Knitting Shop is primarily an online retailer and offers worldwide shipping.  You can be an international knitter without leaving the house!

The Knitting Shop Goodies


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